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Dr. Anna Da Silva was born and educated in South Africa and has been practicing Family Medicine in Canada for 20 years.  She has always had an interest in rheumatology (the study of joints, muscle and auto-immune conditions), metabolic disorders, obesity and the study of nutraceuticals (vitamins & mineral supplements) and their role in promoting overall health especially in patients with chronic mental and physical disorders.

Integrative medicine combines the practice of conventional modern medicine with the study of wellness and health rather than only focusing on disease . It emphasizes and reaffirms the importance of the physician - patient relationship in the healing process and focuses on the whole person. The physician not only uses conventional medical techniques but also  other aspects of evidence based non conventional medicine such as herbs or supplements to achieve optimal health.

515 Bryne Dr., #E2, Barrie, ON
To schedule a consultation please call (705) 735-2161

Barb's Little Notes:

New office policy regarding MISSED appointments:

Missed appointment during REGULAR office hours:

  • $50 regular appointment
  • $100 physical or counselling appointment

Missed appointments on Saturdays or evenings after 5 pm:

  • $75 regular appointment
  • $125 physical or counselling appointment

We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances and therefore the fee may be waived. If there are more than 3 missed appointments then the patient will be discharged from the practice.

If a patient is late for the appointment, the physician is informed and, if possible, the patient is accommodated as a "fit-in" with a shorter appointment time but no missed appointment charges.

If a patient is new to the practice and misses his/her first appointment, he/she will not be rescheduled. We require 24 hrs notice to cancel an appointment.

Feel you need to go to the walk in clinic?
Call us first, we will do everything we can to fit you in here. If you must attend a walk in clinic please attend one connected to the Barrie Family Health Team. Information can be found on their website.

That will ensure we get a report and test results. 

  Prescription renewals require 48 hours notice.


 Summer Holidays:

We will be closed for the last week in August for holidays.